Working at Jadin

Training and developing Employees is an integral part of the Jadin Chemist Group’s overall Corporate Strategy in building the business. If you are a pharmacy student, want to start a new career in the pharmacy industry or a mother returning back to work after having children, we offer endless flexible job opportunities.

The Jadin Group are committed to developing and building the capability of all Employees through continuous support and training. From day one, all new Employees undergo a structured Induction Program which outlines the organisations policies, procedures and work practices followed by on the job training and coaching by our experienced Pharmacy staff.

Becoming multi-skilled to work in all aspects of the Pharmacy operation is also key to the overall success of our business. Our Employees learn to become experts in areas such as Vitamins, Cosmetics and Dispensary Operations. This knowledge and experience gives Employees at all levels the opportunity of moving within the Group to positions of greater responsibility, or being promoted to more Senior roles both in the pharmacy or at our Head Office.

As part of our ongoing Training and Development Program, all new Employees are required to undertake a basic Pharmacy Qualification once they have successfully completed their six month qualifying period. Once their initial Pharmacy Qualification is completed, further formal studies can be undertaked, based on the individual’s performance.

Our Employees are invaluable to the continued success of our Group and therefore by providing ongoing training and support we can create positive, enjoyable working environments, which develop loyal, enthusiastic teams who strive to exceed customer expectations and become professionals in their own right.

Why work at Jadin?

  • Recognition of performance through our Employee Reward Program
  • Training from day one
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Work-life balance company culture, recognition of performance not hours worked!
  • Competitive salary packages and above award rates for key positions
  • Regular weekly training time for all Employees

Current Vacancies

General employment enquiries

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NOTE: Applicants will only be responded to as and when a position(s) becomes available